PreSensa FresHydra Tonic


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Tonifying and moisturizing lotion with Aloe Vera and natural extracts. Rich in plant extracts, tones the epidermis, regulates PH, and refreshes the skin preparing it to apply cosmetics. Suitable for all skin types even sensitive. Alcohol free. Parabens free.

ALOE VERA EXTRACTS – Softens and regenerates the skin. Has a moisturizing and softening action on the skin by their ability to retain water molecules. Another one of its important properties is its anti-inflammatory action.


PROPYLENE GLYCOL – High moisturizing power. Hydrating or moisturizing organic compost, thanks to their ability to surround themselves with water molecules.


VEGETABLE GLYCERIN – Smooth and shiny skin. It is a compound with hygroscopic power, able to permeate into the horny layer, providing immediate hydration.


OAT EXTRACT – Key component of the epidermal barrier. It is produced by biotechnology to be identical to human ceramides and thus be more quickly stored and used by the skin.


ALLANTOIN – Cleaning and improving damaged skin. It reduces healing time and thus promotes skin regeneration, as it encourages and accelerates this natural process of the skin.


LINDEN EXTRACTS – Increases collagen production. The molecule takes the place of a human peptide involved in making collagen. Providing this active ingredient, we increase collagen production and improve the quality of tissue responsible for the firmness and elasticity of the skin fibres.


NATURAL HYDRATION FACTOR – Preserves the balance of epidermis. It is a mixture of molecules that are able to retain water in the surface layers


Treatment Protocol

After cleaning the skin with DeePure Cleansing Milk, apply FresHydra Tonic to cotton wool and wipe in gentle movement over cleaned skin.

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