Another professional option for permanent hair reduction.

Wipe On. Wipe Off.

Introducing No Grow a simple hair removal and growth-inhibiting cream that permanently reduces hair growth leaving your skin silky smooth.

  • No Grow is made with natural ingredients to be gentler on your skin.

  • No Grown is proven to provide effective reduction of hair growth.

  • No Grow is suitable for all types of skin and hair.

  • No Grow provides long-term hair reduction.

Frequently Asked Questions

No Grow stands as a rapid and proven hair removal cream, known for its ability to swiftly eliminate hair while leaving your skin feeling irresistibly smooth and supple. Beyond its hair removal prowess, No Grow is the ultimate answer to effortless and effective hair removal, making it the go-to solution for those seeking to bid farewell to unwanted hair

Throughout the hair growth cycle, No Grow diminishes the nutrient supply to the hair follicle, leading to the miniaturization of its root. This gradual process results in the hair becoming finer and silkier over time. Consistent application of No Grow is your ally in achieving long-term hair regrowth reduction.

No Grow should not be mistaken for a typical depilatory cream designed solely for surface hair removal. While the product does include an ingredient that can dissolve fine surface hairs, this isn’t its primary purpose. If you notice some remaining hairs after application, there’s no need to be concerned. The active ingredient has already penetrated beyond the surface, reaching the second and third layers of hair, effectively depriving the follicle of nourishment. This process is crucial for achieving lasting results.


For those who prefer other hair removal methods like shaving or plucking, you can resume these activities 24 hours after your No Grow treatment if necessary. However, if waxing is your chosen method, please be mindful to wait at least 24 hours before or after waxing before applying No Grow. Waxing removes the top layer of your skin, leaving it more sensitive. Applying No Grow immediately after waxing could potentially lead to contact dermatitis or increased skin sensitivity.

To achieve long term results you need to apply the cream weekly for 8-months to ensure you cover all 3-growth phases of the hair growth cycle.

Unfortunately, there is no way to obtain quicker results. The treatment length is based on the 3-growth phases of the hair cycle that No Grow has to target, this is generally 8-months.

Growth of new hair is reduced every time you use No Grow. You should notice reduction and density of hairs on the skin after approximately the fourth application. Hair grows back thinner and slower each time. Continue with your weekly applications no matter what your hair growth is doing.

Yes, it is suitable for all skin types. In some cases, it is normal to experience redness or a slight rash on completion of the application. This is perfectly normal and no cause for alarm. No Grow has created stimulation in the treatment area and it is an inflammatory response. These effects will disappear within half an hour.


Burning or stinging is not normal, ensure you remove immediately if this occurs. Always respect your skin response.


Do not use No Grow on medical skin conditions like Psoriasis, Contact Dermatitis, Impetigo, Skin Cancer, Eczema, or Rosacea.

It is normal for the skin to tingle when the product is applied. Burning or stinging is not normal, ensure you remove immediately if this occurs.


Always respect your skin response.

No Grow is a gentle product and is typically non-irritating, unless you have an allergic reaction to one of its ingredients. For customers with naturally sensitive skin, we recommend a gradual introduction of No Grow to your skincare routine. Begin with shorter treatment times, starting at just 2 minutes, and then gradually increase the treatment duration weekly until you find the ideal timeframe for your skin.


Please never leave No Grow on your face for more than 5 minutes or on your body for more than 15 minutes. No Grow activates the hair follicles within 2-5 minutes, so there’s no need for lengthy treatment sessions.


To ensure a soothing and irritation-free experience, we strongly advise using our Soothing Aftercare Gel, even if you don’t typically have sensitive skin. This gel is enriched with anti-irritant and calming properties, enhancing your overall skincare experience.

No Grow does penetrate the skin (epidermis) but is not absorbed systemically (into the bloodstream).

In rare cases you may feel a ‘tight’ sensation on your skin post treatment. We recommend our ‘Soothing Aftercare Gel’ as the first and foremost option, however, a natural Aloe Vera gel can also be used if necessary.


You may apply any cream, serums, make-up or shaving cream 30-minutes after application.


Do not apply any active ingredients like Vitamin C, AHA’s or Chemical Exfoliants for at least 24 hours after NO Grow application.


Vitamin A application, as well as Peel’s, Derma Pen treatments, laser, and the like, should only be done 7 days prior or post NO Grow application.

No Grow is not suitable for persons on scheduled medications like Roaccutane, Cortisone or any medication that can cause irritation or thinning of the skin. Application of No Grow can commence 6-weeks after the final intake of the above mentioned medications but we do recommend you first check with your medical specialist.

Each product has a varying amount of active ingredient that is aligned with the typical type of hair and skin sensitivity. Each variant is therefore formulated specifically for the area that is indicated. We do not recommend using the different variants on all parts of the body.

No Grow works on all kinds of hair, blond to black, blonde to grey, straight or curly, fine or course. No Grow will react with all colors and all types of hair.

No Grow serves as a growth-inhibiting treatment that complements your existing hair removal routine. We recommend starting your treatment when your hair reaches a length of 1-2mm. This initial step not only minimizes product wastage but also enhances the treatment’s effectiveness. Over time, you’ll notice your hair becoming progressively finer and slower to regrow until it eventually ceases altogether, providing you with long-lasting results.


Please refrain from shaving, waxing, plucking, or removing hair before applying No Grow.


For those who prefer waxing as their primary hair removal method, it’s essential to wait at least 24 hours after using No Grow to wax. Waxing removes the top layer of your skin, making it more sensitive. Applying No Grow immediately after waxing could potentially result in contact dermatitis or heightened skin sensitivity.”

No, application weekly is key to long term results. As we never know which growth phase our hair is in, we need to remain consistent for 8-months to ensure all 3-growth phases are treated. Not all of the phases are seen with the naked eye, so weekly applications ensure they are all treated. If you do not treat your hair for the full 8-months there is a good chance your hair will start growing back. We are after long term results, which will require time. No Grow is not a quick fix and diligent weekly applications have the best results.

Results vary from person to person – being 2 or 3 days late may not have a measurable effect on your progress, however, extended periods with no treatment are likely to require additional treatments to complete the process. (Ultimately costing you more than it needed to).


Without a doubt, people who are diligent have the best results.

Yes, No Grow has been used successfully on teenagers under the guidance of their parent/guardian.


The active ingredients in No Grow are gentle and have not resulted in any known side effects.


A small number of users may experience slight stinging and itching if the product is left on the skin for more than the instructed time period.

No, our products do not cause pigmentation or cause current pigmentation to get worse.

We recommend ladies with hormonal facial hair to start with the Female Facial variant and then slowly transition over to the Male Beard after about 3-months. The reason for this is that the Male Beard variant is the strongest cream out of the range with the most amount of active ingredient. A ladies facial skin is on average 20% thinner than a males skin, we, therefore, have to gradually introduce the Male Beard product. It is also recommended to use our Soothing Aftercare Gel as it has anti-irritant and calming properties.

Please allow a minimum of 30 minutes before applying any creams, serums, makeup, or shaving products after using No Grow.


Avoid the use of active ingredients such as Vitamin C, AHA’s, or chemical exfoliants for at least 24 hours following your application of No Grow.


For treatments involving Vitamin A application, peels, Derma Pen procedures, laser treatments, and similar procedures, we advise a waiting period of 7 days both before and after using No Grow.


To enhance your post-application experience, we highly recommend applying our Soothing Aftercare Gel immediately.

The key areas to exercise special caution when using No Grow Facial is the eyes, eyebrows, inside your nose and any other soft tissue areas.


Do not use No Grow on a skin rash, or on irritated, sunburned, inflamed or broken skin.

Formulated for facial hair, use the No Grow Facial variants on:

  • – Chin

  • – Cheaks

  • – Upper Lip

  • – Male Beard

Yes, No Grow is safe to use over tattoos. The technology is pulled into the hair shaft to neutralize the hair bulb, therefore it does not affect pigment in the tattoo. We have many clients who have used No Grow over their tattoos.


As with any new product, we also suggest doing a skin test 24 hours prior to full application.

No Grow is not recommended to be used over fake tan as it will remove the product from your skin.

Unless your leg hair represents male leg hair we still suggest using the Female Body for your leg hairs. On average, male skin is approximately 20% thicker than female skin.


If you believe that you need the Male Body variant, please email us so that we may guide you through your treatment plan.

Do not use No Grow on a skin rash, or on irritated, sunburned, inflamed or broken skin.

Formulated for body hair, use the No Grow Body variants on:

  • – Arms

  • – Legs

  • – Back

  • – Chest

  • – Stomach

Yes, a Brazilian can be achieved but with extra caution. No Grow can be used on the vaginal lips and around your anus, but you must barrier your soft tissue and any mucus membranes with Vaseline and cotton wool/tissue.


No Grow must not be put on any soft tissue areas.

No Grow must not be put on nipples, or any soft tissue genital areas i.e. vagina membrane and anus.


Do not use No Grow on a skin rash, or on irritated, sunburned, inflamed or broken skin.

Formulated for intimate body hair, use the No Grow Intimate on:

  • – Underarms

  • – Intimate Areas


  • Do ensure that your skin is clean, dry and free from surface oil and creams, lotions or serums, before applying No Grow.

  • Do a small test patch before applying No Grow if you have sensitive skin and check the results to see if there is any adverse reaction.

  • Do apply a visible amount of No Grow on to the surface of the skin. Do not rub it in as if were a lotion.

  • Do apply No Grow to skin which has short hair growth of 1mm to 2mm, this is so that the active ingredients can adhere to the hair shaft and neutralize the root. Shorten hair that is long to reduce wastage.

  • Do wait for 7 days before your next application of No Grow. Hairs in the Anagen growth phase will continue to grow and so require further treatment.

  • Do use No Grow on your private parts but ensure the cream does not come into contact with sensitive membrane areas.


  • Don’t shave, wax or remove hair (waxing removes the first layer of your skin, thus making the skin extra sensitive). Applying No Grow Remover after a wax could cause contact dermatitis or sensitive skin.

  • Don’t rub the cream into your skin. Spread evenly using your finger. The spatula provided in the box is ideal for removing the product after use.

  • Don’t touch your hair, lashes or eyebrows while you are using No Grow, as this could inhibit hair growth in other unwanted areas.

  • Don’t leave on your skin for more than the recommended time frame (For more information please refer to the individual product instructions).

  • Don’t use No Grow if you have a skin rash, or on irritated, sunburned, inflamed or broken skin.

  • Don’t use No Grow on medical skin conditions like Psoriasis, Contact Dermatitis, Impetigo, Skin Cancer, Eczema, or Rosacea.

  • Don’t use No Grow anywhere near your eyes, eyebrows, inside your nose or scalp.

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