Facial Treatments

Specific solutions for each skin issue

Choose the “right” treatment, because every issue has its solution.

Nothing can be left to chance, especially when facing and combating blemishes that create Aesthetic, as well as psychological problems.

Collagen treatment - Wrinkles Treatment for the first signs of aging

Indications and functions: for all skin types that tend to dehydrate and that show the first expression lines, as well as wrinkles. It deeply re-moisturizes, restores the hydrolipidic barrier, strengthens and makes the tissues supple with an anti-oxidizing action, prevents the formation of new wrinkles.

Derma Balancing- Normalizing and matting treatment for oily skin

Indications and functions: For hyper-seborrheic and oily skin. It normalizes and re-balances the sebaceous secretion with a decongesting, lipo-absorbing effect while matting the skin.

Dermo-purifying with PropolisTreatment for acne skin

Indications and functions: For oily/combination skin with acne, also acute (irritated, reddened, with pustules). It performs a purifying, anti-bacterial, decongesting, healing and protective action, also matting the skin.

Decongesting and Capillaries Treatment for fragile capillaries and couperose

Indications and functions: Decongesting, de-reddening and strengthening for sensitive skins with fragile capillaries and diffused cuoperose. It improves the  micro circulation, with a clarifying effect.

Anti-wrinkle with Matricol Intensive treatment

Gives the skin new suppleness, radiance and firmness
Indications and function: Super-moisturizing, suppling, re-mineralizing treatment for over 30 years old skin with wrinkles. The marine collagen, which has a high concentration in Matricol, has an immediate effect: skin looks more even, firm, toned and smooth, while wrinkles are visibly reduced.

Matricol Eyes (Spa)

Treatment with lifting effect that rejuvenates the eye contour
Indications and functions: Matricol Occhi (Eyes) is a Biomatrix of Collagen in a very pure and concentrated form, obtained by cold-squeezing the fibers of marine collagen. The treatment is indicated in case of dehydration, wrinkles and swelling of the eyelids and periocular area; it reduces wrinkles, while decongesting and smoothing the skin with a lifting effect.

Anti-aging Firming Lift Mask

 For everlasting young skin
Indications and functions: Revitalizing, anti-aging, moisturizing and firming for over 35 years old skin, which is devitalized, mature, very dry, shows marks and lacks in lipids. Lift Mask leaves features smooth, awakens complexion, cancels signs of tiredness, minimizes wrinkles and redefines the contour.
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