Comfort Sense CreaMask


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Absorbed CreaMask

Comfort sense

Absorbent Soothing and tightening mask with  (Collagen y Elastin), helps to restore the skin barrier and promote optimal skin hydration.

Combinations of ingredients that help soothe and cool the skin, relaunching its vitality with tensor effect thanks to its ability to form a protective film.

Bio-Marine Collagen 6

– Helps to restore the collagen of the dermis, providing the amino acid fibroblasts that are capable of metabolizing.

– Strengthens the hydrolipidic barrier, maintaining hydration and skin tone.

– The film-forming effect, helping dry and mature skin to defend against the attacks of environmental agents, especially against UV exposure.

– Increases the elastic tone and restructures the morphology of the micro-cutaneous relief surface.

Bio-Marine Elastin 6

BIO MARINE ELASTIN provides the skin with the amino acids and peptides needed to help increase the synthesis of elastin. This ability to synthesize decreases with age or with premature ageing of the skin. It is indicated for preparations with the aim of:

– Nutrition of the skin

– Reinforcement of skin tone and elasticity

– Support for fragile skin and for the reduction of wrinkles

– Anti-ageing preparations

– Repair and regeneration products

– It improves the restoration of micro-superficial epidermal lesions.


is used to treat dry and irritated skin, thanks to its additional anaesthetic properties. However, there is some concern that the anaesthetic effect of Laureth-9 could actually lead to sunburns and other inflammation because users would not feel damage occurring

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