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Purifying, astringent and mattifying cream-gel. Designed to fight acne, stains, outbreaks, skin imperfections and uneven skin texture. Contains a synergistic blend of Iris extract, vitamin A and zinc that is clinically proven to purify the skin, minimize pores and reduce skin imperfections. Comedolytic effect: inhibits the formation of comedones, giving the skin better look with fewer glares and without imperfections (blackheads and existing redness).

CYTOBIOL™ IRIS A² – Combat functional and physical signs of acne. Active ingredient created from white lily extract, vitamin A and zinc salt.

CITRUSTEM™ – (orange stem cells) organizes and densifies the structure of the dermis and results in a regular, defined microrelief. The skin regains its smooth and velvety touch.

BIRCH EXTRACT – Ideal for treating skin irritations

MARIGOLD EXTRACTS – Moisturizing and soothing properties

ALOE VERA EXTRACT – Cell regeneration and natural anti-inflammatory actio


CHAMOMILES EXTRACT – Natural antiseptic and anti-oxidants properties

HYGROPLEX™ – Protects against loss of cutaneous moisture.

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