Semi Permanent Training Course

During this training course you will learn all the basic skills for completing semi permanent procedures on your clients.


The course will be split into 3 sections as follows;


  1. The skin anatomy 
  2. The different skin types
  3. Skin contraindication to semi permanent procedures
  4. Various skin concerns
  5. How to obtain perfect results
  6. The perfect hygiene 
  7. How to avoid cross contamination
  8. How to choose the perfect needle according to your procedure 


2nd section

We will work on latex skin where you will get the knowledge how to best mapp your clients for the perfect symmetry.

 For eyebrows you will learn;

  1. Hair strokes techniques
  2. Combo techniques
  3. Shading effects 


  1. Natural looking effect
  2. Bold statement effect


  1. Lip liner 
  2. Lip liner plus shading effects
  3. Blush effect


3rd section


You will need to have available a minimum of 3 models that we can train on with the full guidance of your tutor. 

Included in the course you would have available a basic starter kit as follows;


  1. Semi permanent device
  2. Pigment for Lips x 1, Pigment for eye liner x 1, colours for eyebrows x 2
  3. Pigment holders x 50
  4. Various needle sizes
  5. Calipers
  6. Pencils
  7. Mapping tape


Training would be held once a week for a minimum of 5 hours in our training centre in Gwardamangia.


At the end of the course you will undergo a written examination about all information you have learnt during your lessons. 

Our training courses are fully licensed by the Malta health standards authority and once our training is complete, you will be fully licensed and able to work.

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