Microblading Courses

Training will be held once a week for a maximum of 20hrs in our training centre in Gwardamangia. We will practice on latex and later on 3 live models. You will get to know all the sanitary procedures for that safe treatment.

A basic kit is included in the cost which will allow you to work on several clients also after training is complete. 


Kit includes;

  1. Various size needles
  2. Different pigment colours x 4
  3. Calipers for measuring& mapping 
  4. Pigment rings
  5. Needle holder

Course description;

  1. Different Skin type knowledge 
  2. Get to know more about skin conditions and contraindication to treatment
  3. Step by step instructions on how to obtain best results and how to get that perfect brow.
  4. Different techniques available – hairstrokes, shading or combo effect 
  5. Practical work on Latex and Models training to help you gain experience 
  6. Learn how to do your eyebrow mapping in easy to follow steps
  7. Manual instructions workbook
  8. Client consent forms & Aftercare 
  9. How to do a consultation on your clients
  10. Final exam and Accredited certification
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