Med Aesthetic Treatments

Med Aesthetic Treatments


Med Aesthetic Treatments ….available only by appointment, since they are done by professional doctors.

Dr. Alessandro Pumpo,

Nutritionist, Surgeon and Professor of Clinical Biochemistry at San Raffaele University of Rome and Milan, is responsible for the discovery and
promotion of the first line of Bio-Revitalising treatments for injection use, based on
patient DNA.
His methods help in the regeneration of the skin, hair and body. Dr. Pumpo has been
providing his services for the past 10 years.

His services include:

NEW Bio Miminic Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is used to rejuvenate and slow down the aging process of
the face, rejuvenating sun damaged skin, whilst also promoting the healthy regrowth
of the hair. Starting from €150 per session

Cutaneous Regeneration – rejuvenates the skin by inducing the formation of Type 3
Reticular Collagen, which helps restore the softness and turgidity (firmness) of the
skin. Starting from €150

Cutaneous Bio-Stimulation improves the skin’s metabolism by slowing down the aging
process. Starting from €I20

Skin Lifting is a procedure of skin stretching on the face and body by injecting a
Hypotonic solution under the skin. Starting from €250

Adipocyte Metabolic Increase is the restoration of volume to the facial tissues
regenerating the Hypodermis. Starting from €150

Botulinum Toxin (Botox) eliminates mimic wrinkles of the upper face. Starting
from €280 for 3 areas .

Fillers for the treatment of wrinkles and the plumping of the lips and cheeks.
Starting from €180- €300 depending on the areas treated.

Peeling treatment for the elimination of acne and post acne scars, pigmentation,
melasma and cloasata. Starting from €100-150

Photoaging Block enhances the level of Melanin in the skin therefore allowing the
skin to tan without the consequences of solar damage. Starting from €120

Fat Apoptosis  allows the elimination of excess fat by
infiltrating the body fat using an Apoptotic solution, consisting of Vitamin C and Iron.
Starting from €150 per session with a minimum of 4 sessions per areas

Breast Enhancement. Very low dose of Glucose and Insulin to help normalize the
breast volume by increasing the Adipose component. Starting from €150 per session  ( 4 sessions done every 3 weeks can help increase by 1 breast size)

Stretch Mark Removal using a combination of treatments and skin firming techniques.
Starting from €180- €250.

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